Comprehensive Care

Tongarra Family Practice provide a wide range of medical services to the local community under the one roof, so you need not waste your valuable time.

We provide a dietician, psychologist, counsellor, pharmacist and can organise sleep studies (to diagnose conditions such as sleep apnoea) on the premises. We do testing for patients on warfarin (a blood thinner), provide home blood pressure monitoring as well as glucose monitoring for diabetics and can organise a diabetic educator to visit you at home.

We have a skilled and experienced nursing staff who can advise on wound and ulcer management, weight loss, continence and bed-wetting problems as well as conduct pap smears, perform immunisation, advise on the management of asthma and perform check-ups on children as they start school.

We have nurses skilled in lung function testing, cardiographs, allergy testing and assisting in the care of pregnancy by way of doppler testing for fetal heart rate. They can also test your lower limb circulation by means of a doppler test.